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Bronze Penguin

This stylish bronze penguin from Bali Kingdom is 11 inches in height.  California-based Bali Kingdom specializes in the import of cultural artifacts from Bali, Java, Sumatra, Lombok, and other regions of Indonesia. One of the owners, Budi Setiawan, is Indonesian, and local knowledge of Indonesia is utlized to find the best artists and craftsperson, regardless of how remotely located they may be. Many of the most skilled artisans live in small villages far off the beaten trail.

Dancing Penguin

Dancing Penguin

It's the day of the party, and your Dancing Penguin is wearing his natural tuxedo! All that's missing is for you to put on his top hat and attach his bow tie. Now he's dressed to the nines! This delightful "people greeter" sings and dances to the Irving Berlin Classic , "Puttin on the Ritz", as sung by the infamous Taco! Party Penguin utilizes advanced lip-synch technology, allowing his mouth to move in time with the vocal track. This well-dressed penguin also flaps his wings and rocks right and left to the music. Featuring sound responsive electronics, Party Penguin can be placed anywhere at your party to welcome your guests, and can be remotely activated with a simple clap of your hands. A perfect party accessory, Party Peguin brings whimsy and laughter to any event...or to everyday life! Caution: You may want to keep the freezer under lock and key!

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